We supply timber direct to the public

Our product range includes materials to build Wendy Houses, Doll Houses, Tree Houses and Timber Homes as well as LAPA CCA Poles & Laths, Roofing Timber, CCA Decking, CCA Treated Timber, Knotty Pine Ceiling, Pine Flooring, CCA Treated Split Poles and Laminated Beams.

About AGM Timber Warehouse

We own a sawmill in Mpumalanga and cut about 4500m3 of pine every month, 70% is dried and either used in profile manufacturing or roofing timber. The balance gets sold as wet of saw to the pallet industry.

Product Range

CCA Treated Gum Poles

We stock Gum Poles 2.4m and 3.0m lengths. 20 – 100mm all treated to SBS specifications.

CCA Treated Timber

Treated timber for sub-structures of decking and timber frame homes.

LAPA CCA Poles & Laths

We carry a full range and laths 3.0m, 3.6m and 4.5m. All treated to SABS specification.

CCA Decking

Pine CCA Decking treated to SABS specifications in stock. 32mm and 20mm. Saligna decking also in stock.

Knotty Pine Ceiling

Knotty pine ceiling 65 x 13mm and flooring 20 x 105mm.

Roof Trusses

Prefabricated MiTEK timber roof trusses designed in accordance with Part “A” and “L” of the national building regulations.

Pine Flooring

Knotty pine ceiling 65 x 13mm and flooring 20 x 105mm.

Materials For

Wendy Houses

We supply all timber and profiles to build any type of Wendy House.

Doll Houses

We supply all timber windows and profiles to build any size Doll House.

Tree Houses

Poles and timber available to build any Tree House.

Timber Homes

We stock a full range of treated timber, and profile flooring to build a timber home of any size to SABS specifications.