Laminated Beams

Lamtico® has access to the most dense and aesthetically pleasing pine found on the continent. This, along with our advanced manufacturing processes, results in beams which exhibit an engineered strength unlike anything else on the market. Similarly, we have carefully cultivated the top suppliers of Meranti and Saligna in the country to ensure that we can supply:

  • The only commercially manufactured beam in South Africa using clear European standard polyurethane glue
  • SATAS accreditation for grade 8, 10 and 12 beams
  • A 100% Southern Cape Pine Lamtico®/Capelam® beam internationally famous for its very high density and structural strength measured and certified to grade 12
  • A whole range of (minimum, certified) grade 10 Laminated Saligna beams
  • High quality laminated Meranti beams
  • Specialised laminated Iroko beams
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